The Schalk Family

The Schalk Family

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I am a single mother of a 1 and 3 year old, currently staying in an unheated, basement office space in Seattle. We are staying here because we have no where else to go. We moved to a guest house in the Santa Monica Mountains last January after the Thomas fire took our neighbors' homes in Ojai and contaminated our property to the point it was uninhabitable. The Woolsey fire has now destroyed our new home and our belongings. We feel incredibly grateful to be safe, and to have had our pets safe as well. Our heart breaks for the lives lost.

We are not people of means. The truth is that there are no expensive clothes, home decor or surf boards to replace. We lost keepsakes, beloved pet ashes, some toys, and just basic every day living items like pots and pans, pet items and blankets. Our needs are basic right now. I feel quite humbled and frankly embarassed to fill this form out, but we are in the toughest spot we've ever been in and feeling hopeless and overwhelmed. Thank you for reading.

Family members:

Annika, 38
Wallace, 3
Mckay, 1

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